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Designing blog with less time consuming, writing the quality content that goes viral on social media and news sites. Getting extreme and sophisticated web hosting service at cheap price. Ranking your blog better in the search engines without doing much in Search Engine Optimization. Blogging can be fun if it works in the order we want it to be and these are the wishes, we should have asked Santa for this Christmas! Jokes apart, I wish you a late Merry Christmas!

We all spend a large number of hours while writing, viewing and editing a blog post. This early blogging is very painful, working for nothing. If your blog post can generate few pennies and support you financially, it will be a dream toward the long journey. As we, previously covered a blog post about, Six easy tips for Google ADSENSE approval, yet getting into Google Adsense program is extremely tough. However, this post is NOT just for those who were denied for Adsense program BUT for those who already are Adsense affiliated and want to make some additional hosting expenses. overview was founded by Divyank Turakhia and sold to Chinese Consortium for $900 Million USD in August 2016. We don’t need to worry much about buying and sell trade. Long story short; ( There won’t be any effect in currently running system. It has more than 800+ employees in all over the world and Global HQ is located in Dubai. Most importantly, two popular search engine giants; Yahoo and Bing backed That is why it is also called Yahoo! | Bing Network.

Why, should I choose

Can I run and Adsense on the same page

Yes absolutely! there is not an issue at all. Both are contextual advertising and very powerful backup support. I personally use both in some of my sites and they work great together.

Why should I run, while I am running Adsense?

That’s very good and thoughtful question, but I have a very unorthodox answer: is not a substitute but a co & partner. Generally, this suggestion is applied for those who write a big long blog. A long blog means longer than 1000 word in each post. Let’s talk in details; how many Adsense ad units can you have in a blog post? Google allowed the maximum of three Adsense ads in a blog post and with DFP implementation maximum (3+1) four. Your blog has very long content and I personally feel a good implementation of ads make content look beautiful.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Ads do not just generate revenues, but a good implementation of ads make content look beautiful.” quote=”Ads do not just generate revenues, but a good implementation of ads make content look beautiful.”]

In addition, you can run one or two more ad unit together with Adsense on the empty space on your blog.

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How to signup with

Signing is very easy. Just go and click to signup, fill the 3 line of an input field and wait for the response. It normally can take up to 24 hours to a week to receive the approval email.

What next?

After approval, your blog/ site will be listed under site management in control panel. You will be assigned to an account manager where you will have your all the conversation. First things first, you should continue with setting up your account. Fill the payment details and start implementing the Ads code.

How to setup ad code?

Implementing ad code is very easy.

  • Just sign into your account and click on Ad Units on the top menu.
  • Choose the Ad unit size that matches with your blog.
  • Name the ad Unit (I recommend you to name for better uses in future)
  • Choose the skin ( have pre-designed ads skins you can pick)
  • Color Customization (you can change the color of the pre-designed skin’s color here)
  • Advanced options are used for enabling and disable mobile ads, skin optimization level and backup ads input for those pages where does not find anything to display.
  • You always have the option to see before uploading the code for implementation.
  • Click Save and Get Code
  • Copy and Paste the code in the respective area where you want to display the contextual ads.

Setting up ad code in

Reporting on control panel?

Apart from RPM, I don’t think you will be too much confused with reporting. Well, what is RPM then? It stands for Page revenue per thousand impressions (RPM). You can read more about RPM on Google page; it is the same math calculation.

Revenue and impression stat report on

What payment method does offer?? offer two different payment methods, Wire transfer, and Paypal: I personally use wire transfer, it is easy and arrives at my bank account just before the month end.

When will I get paid?

Just like other advertising company paid net 30 (end of the month) once you reach the minimum threshold (i.e. USD 100).

Best performing ad units

For me, the best-performing ads site in is 300×250. However, I also run 728 x 90 with very little Adsense leftover on the leaderboard (above the fold area) and the performance is very impressive.

Other than that, 600×250 ad unit is performing ok on my site.

Best performing ad units on

  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)
  • Leaderboard (728×90)
  • X-large (600×250)

Best performing Ad units

Does support responsive design?

I have a responsive website and what happen if I choose if this is your concern, they recently upgraded their code and their ad unit codes are perfectly fit with the responsive design.

How about HTTPS code implementation?

This one also cover in recently responsive modification and yes ad unit serves ads for secure https protocol as well.

Suggestion: Place ads in between the article and try testing it for the different position.

Anything to concern on

I have been using from last 2 years, together with Adsense. I totally enjoy the advertising alliances. But only if I didn’t meet the minimum threshold this month, it will be a bit hard for me to find what will be my next payment. I have to go back to the monthly calendar and check and calculate. I assume it will not be that hard for programmer to program a simple tab to show what is our currently pending or forthcoming balance. For the small blog publisher, it might take more than 2 months to reach the minimum threshold and they might be lost after 2-3 payment. However, is honest and reputed company and they will pay you every penny you earn.


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    • Hello Rao,
      I think the placement and banner size does matter the must, try to contact your account manager and tell them to test different size banner or ask for a suggestion. I did the same, it is twice or thrice increment as of the video and still growing. These tips sound very simple but they worth trying!

      I hope you did take a look at my video as well where I try to cover the best size ads as well.
      Best of luck.

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