If gaming is your things and you want to earn up to $100 worth of crypto while playing games online or you basically looking for the Play to earn crypto games. In this video, I will take you through, four popular play to earn crypto games where you can earn up to $100 a day.

If this your first time stepping by to my blog, my name is Keshab and Youtube is what I enjoy the must. The CoolStuffBlog is the home of crypto, games and entertainment related stuffs. If this sound good to you, don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel, like the video and turn that little bell notification on. Now let’s get is started gaming geeks of the week, play to earn crypto.

Before starting with the videos, I must state the disclaimer: play to earn games results are varies to the person’s ability to archive the goal with in the games and rewards are determine based on the currency you received. The same rewards may be over 100$ in a day whereas same rewards value would below 100$ depend on the coins market volatility.  anything in this video with play to earn are not sponsored, I urge you to do your own delegates before the time investment.

Best play to earn games in 2022 – Earn up to 100$ per day playing games online

  1. Mir4 – start free and make upto $100/day

The mir4 is the blockchain based play-to-earn game that supports window or macintosh and some play on steam. Mir4 is run on their
own mir4 x blockchain.

How do you play mir4 games and earn some money

First you need to install the mir4 game based on your operating system the support Window, Macintosh, Google play, iOS and Galaxy Stores
and they do have some online streaming where you need to install a plugin to play the online.

What exactly can you earn from the mir 4

While playing the game uh you will earn something called draco coin initial draco and it is little bit uh tricky while casting out
this draco coin on your wallet. First you need to collect the draco coin and then you need to have the wallet on the WeMix. if you go to the coinmarketcap you can see where exactly you can exchange your WeMix token coin. So, basically you have to do one
more further step that you have to convert the draco coin that you own from the game and then convert it to the wemix and then sell your wemix to fiat currency or swap wemix to the ethereum or some others using the exchanges.

What can you earn from Mir4 game?

you can earn some DRACO coins, the same coin you can also use for staking and make some additional passive income as well. you can find the WEMIX coin price on Coinmarketcap.com

How to withdraw the DRACO coins:

If you want to withdraw the DRACO coins. You need to have a wallet on WEMIX. And you can sell this WIMIX to ETH, USDT, KRW using lots of exchanges listed on Coinmarketcap.com

  1. Gods unchained – this is the most entertaining games in the NFT worlds.

What is Gods unchained game?

Gods unchained also a play to earn a reward kind of game that you can play and earn lots
of cards and the nfts. Gods unchained is a bit of different than the mir4 for game over here you will be collecting your nft’s and sell them into the different blockchain there was over 17 million dollars worth of nfts or cards were exchanged and they have a pool tournament which is worth of over half a million.

How to play Gods unchained and earn money?

Download the gods unchained launcher than install the immutable apps. Signup and start playing.

First step, when you start playing games, you unlock packs that give you some digital numbers only. These cards are not minted to the ETH network. Once you start winning the games in higher ranked, you can earn Flux. Once you have Flux, you can get the higher quality cards. These cards are minted in ETH blockchain network and you can trade to market place in gods unchained, opensea.io or any other ETH network NFTs market place.

As of recoding this video, some of the NFT Collect are selling on the gods unchain around 500 dollars. If you guys want do let me know in the comment section below. I will make a details video on any of the video. I can’t make all four details video but maybe I will create a pool? But please do write in the comment section which game would you like to see in details?

  1. Samurai RSUN – up to $100, already 150K players are playing this game.

Samurai RSUN is the Risingsun is the Samurai themes uh GameFI Metaverse token coin on the Binance smart chain.

How to play sumurai rising

To play sumurai rising game you need to connect your wallet and you need to buy some of your samurai coins and there will be a kind of battlefield and you will be competing for the different kind of price and the NFTs card. In the samurai game where you can also create your own land and purchase your land this is also a really interesting topics right now with the MetaVerse and everything. So, basically you will do some recruit, battle and rule in the multiple game. There will be an NFT battle card and the samurai rising so winner will get the NFT card and this will be traded to the marketplace.

  1. CryptoCars – up to 50$

CryptoCar is a NFT car racing game. The crypto car statistic are quite a high, it’s over half a millions of users are playing the cryptocar game and have over half a millions of cars in the store.

How to play CryptoCar

If you want to play the cryptocar game first you need to buy this ccar coin using the wallet. Unfortunately, they only support the metamask wallet i’m not sure why! Once you bought the CCAR coin use that coin as a deposit, you can buy the car and then participate in the cryptocar game.

The crypto car coin initial ccar token coin the price of the ccar is over half dollar the coin is built in the binance smart chain
so everything you own in this crypto cars reward uh you can swap them to the bust or warped bnb using the pancakeswap and some other exchanges so the last two on the list you need to spend some money to start playing the first two already give you some coin rewards
so you can start and start earning the play-to-earn reward.

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