PancakeSwap Farms VS Pools, which one is better? Liquidity Pool Vs Syrup Pools

PancakeSwap Farms VS Pools, which one is better? Liquidity Pool Vs Syrup Pools

PancakeSwap offer many ways to make passive income from the crypto currencies and they do have varieties of coins as well, but making passive money on PancakeSwap is little tricky where a lack of balance and you can easily loss money as impermanent loss. Additionally, pancakeswap have two main section where you can stake your coin and make passive income but both of them are totally different and choosing wrong one could lead to loss of investment as well. In this video, I am going to talk about which pool to choose on pancakeswap and mainly if you have been staking or planning to stake your cake coin in pancakeswap for auto compounding syrup pool or manual cake, I am going to show you which one is good for you.

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PancakeSwap Farms Vs Syrup Pools, which one is better?

Pancakeswap syrup pools is little low risky and low fluctuate then liquidity pool farms. Why? If their market is flatulate you may lose your investment in liquidity pool in the terms impermanent loss, I also made a video on my channel, please look this video if you want to know how you can lose your investment in liquidity pool on pancakeswap during the bear market.

Auto Cake Vs Manual Cake on PancakeSwap Syrup Pools, which one is better?

Another interesting topic to talk here is pancakeswap pools have an auto cake features and manual cake features. Which basically mean you can stake your cake coin on either of this pool and get rewards. I was using both in the past so here I am going to give my opinion on this. Which one is best among Auto cake syrup pool vs manual cake syrup pool! Well, interesting things is you can see the APY, there is huge a different in the table list, which is obviously the reason there are so many cakes staked on auto cake then the manual cake. But little did they know is this is a miss conception. Users simply follow the APY percentage written on the table. And let me clear here, I agree this is right in some sense.

This APY is the result of reinvestment of rewards and so on. To find out the exactly just click to the little icon next to the APY and see the table for both manual cake and auto cake. Which one is better? How much are you getting?

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1000$ of investment and you get 80 cake in auto cake where as you get 83 cake on manual cake. That’s three cake coin different in a year, obviously, manual cake is better than auto cake but wait there are some other things you need to know if you are planning to use manual cake and utilize your coin for most.

When you stake your cake in manual, you will start earning the cake but do not harvest your reward frequently, every time when you click to harvest your reward, you will be charge a small amount of fee but this fee is free on auto compounding cake after 72 hours.

When to choose Auto Cake on Syrup Pools?

So, when is auto compounding is good? Well, if you see the APY is above 110% I will stay with auto compounding below 110%, I will go for manual cake. Right now, the APY is below 110% and I hope that makes you clear, which one you should pick.

The other options on the pancakeswap where you can make some passive income from your coin is: pancakeswap farms – pancakeswap farm is liquidity pool where you get rewards as providing a liquidity to a particular coin. The liquidity is pair of coins and it has to be similar in the value. Fx. If you want to provide liquidity in cake-bnb for 2000usd your liquidity pool has to be 1000 worth of cake and 1000 worth of BNB. Remember, There is a greater risk of losing investment while staking coin in wrong pool, simple rules for the staking in the pancakeswap farms is; stake your LP pool on the low fluctuate coin or the stable coin.

What are the low flucated coin; well low fluctuation is hard to find on the current bar market but there are coins which as known as fiat currency, they represent the real value of USD. If you want to provide the liquidity with low risk, that’s the one you should go for.

If you need help on how to stake in pancakeswap farms? I have made a video in my channel, please check this out.


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