How much money can you make from TikTok? How TikTok pays to creator?

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How much money can you make from TikTok? How TikTok pays to creator?

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This post is based information from the TikTok creator who are actually making money using TikTok. I always had curiosity, what exactly TikTok content creator makes. So, I decided to write this post and I also made a video. Please watch the video as well.
Please remember, TikTok is at early stage of their business model, this payout may be varying in future depend on how they expend their advertising model. Right now, TikTok pay Creator with terms Creator Fund as payment to content creator in selected country.
At the time of this recording, the TikTok fund is only available to creator in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

The minimum requirements to make money in TikTok are:

  • You need minimum 10K authentic followers
  • You need at least 100K authentic video views in last 30 days.

So, how much TikTok pays to content creator?

I really love watching a TikTok content creator, I actually follow him in YouTube as well. His name is Milad. He works in subway. According to Milad, he received 0.04 cent USD CPM (cent cost per thousand views), In the video below, I also included a clip from Milad, please watch his video and I will give you my math.

Let’s find how much money does a 100K views toktok video makes?

So, let’s do some math, I am going to find CPM calculator
Since, we are going to find the cost, we will leave this cost field empty and start with CPM rate of 0.04 cent.
If given an 0.04 cent USD CPM, a 100K views tiktok video will earn estimated 4$.
A video with 1M views will make approx. 40$ in TikTok.
Similarly, a video with 10M views will get 400$ in TikTok.

So, let’s say, Milad that video which he reveals the CPM rate with 1.8M views, he is making $72 by far from this video alone.

Quickly and easily create invoices online using

Let’s do some more finding on TikTok earning. How much Milad made last month from TikTok?
So, let’s find out.
Let’s go to, I am going to search the publicly available data from Milad TikTok account.
Well, SocialBlade, does not really gives the how many views he has in a month, just for estimate purpose, I am going to have an assumption.
I guess, the people who likes Milad’s video, they also watched the video. So, let’s grab this data.
Like I said, this is an estimated.
Milad TikTok account has 56.3M likes in last 30 days. Which mean video views is more than double. But based on 56.3M. let’s see how much Milad earned last month?
So, he makes an estimated of 2252 USD in last 30 days from TikTok video. Since the actual views are more than the likes, you can assume, he is making really decent $ while enjoying his job.
Just for your information, these rates are varying to places and content I guess. However, you may have a general idea how much money can you make from TikTok.
So, if you like this post and video, find this video is useful, please consider subscribing our youtube channel, until then take care and see you.


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