How to setup responsive ads on Google Adsense?

The Internet is moving with smaller devices and mobilities. A number of smartphones and tablets are growing more than statistics predicts. The 2016 stats shows there are more than 2.1 billion smarts phones are in market and researchers predicts that it will be 6.1 billion by 2020, which mean it will grow by triple than in…

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Six easy tips for Google ADSENSE approval

Google ADSENSE is a premium publisher program offered by Google Inc. It is also known as most POPULAR contextual advertising program in the market. Especially when you preferred automation and let the Google decide which ads to run on their Revenue per thousand impressions (RPM), ADSENSE is best publisher solution. Having the best publisher program,…

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Six easy way to make money from blog or website

Are you a blog writer? Blogging full-time or part-time, it requires lots of dedication. Like we always say, we learn from the mistake, I did learn from my previous mistake. If you are inconsistent in blogging then you should choose to do the other stuff that you are enthusiast about. I have seen my friends…

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Setting up the private blog and writing a good content is sometimes not just enough. Your blog or small business reliability is the key concern. Particularly, when your small business or blog is unstable, you will lose the trust from users and search engines. Think about you have an appropriate offer or an article to…

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How to start a blog

How to start a blog? Spoiler: I am NOT going to teach you how to write content in a blog, I am sure you are better than me on writing the content. This post is related to How to create self-hosted WordPress blog or How to setup WordPress blog in private server for a newbie….

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How to make money from webpage or blogs

Every startup wants to get succeeded in their business and it is tough. Especially, when blog writing has become a trend! As recent stats shows, there are more than 1.2 hundred million domain and 10 million + (top level domain) new domains are being registered. For the correct stats please Google “how many domain names registered…

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