How to create YouTube Shorts videos #Shorts, DaVinci Resolve

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How to create YouTube Short videos #Shorts

Jump to how to make YouTube Short using DaVinci resolve tutorials.
You probably have noticed YouTube is testing new features called #Shorts similar to video-sharing social network service TikTok. The Shorts videos are displayed only in your YouTube mobile apps with title ‘Shorts Videos’.

What are YouTube Shorts?

The name YouTube Shorts describe itself that the video content created in short length. According to YouTube, the shorts is a new short-form videos that content creator who want to make video that are catchy and to the exact point. This could be because of its time frame.
What is the length of the Shorts videos?
If you want your video to listed and probably features in YouTube Short category in YouTube apps, your YouTube Short video should not exceed the length of 60 sec, which eventually mean stay under 59 seconds length, just to make sure your effort does not go to vain.

How to features YouTube Shorts videos in YouTube mobile apps?

YouTube shorts are new form of videos that YouTube is testing right now. Your shorts video should have hashtag #Short in title or description. It is also a good idea to place them in both title and description. If your video is catchy and within the length of YouTube recommendation and you have #Shorts in both title and description, your video should be features in YouTube Shorts category in YouTube mobile application.
There is nothing more than that you can do to features your YouTube shorts video in YouTube apps.

Why Shorts videos are important?

If you are a video creator and asking a question yourself, should I make YouTube shorts video? The short answer is: Yes. YouTube shorts are extremely important and if as content creator your goal is to reach maximum users.
YouTube have more than 2 billion users come to see the YouTube content. The report in Feb 2020, shows YouTube has more than 70% of who use mobile devices to watch the YouTube video content. The 70% of the 2 billion will approximately 1.4 billion. Actually, you YouTube shorts video will have more potentials then the video you made for normal.

How to create YouTube Short videos using DaVinci Resolve

Using the same idea, you can create the YouTube Shorts video from any video editing software. YouTube want the videos to shoot using mobile phone so it will keep the same aspect ratio that needed to features in Short categories. It’s not always the case, sometime your important content is recorded using other devices then Mobile. So, have solution to make your important, catchy content to features as YouTube shorts videos.
Ok, let’s discuss, how to create YouTube Shorts videos aspect ratio? YouTube aspect ratio for Short video is 9:16 and our regular HD video with 1920 x 1080 pixels have aspect ratio is 16:9. So, if you reverse the pixels to 1080 x 1920, you get the 9:16 aspect ratio which is exactly YouTube shorts videos required.

how to make youtube shorts video using davinci

How to make YouTube Short using DaVinci step by step guide.

• Create a blank project in DaVinci Resolve (I am using DaVinci Resolve 17)
• Click to setting icon located in bottom right corner.
• The new window popup and should be selected to Master Settings.
• Under the ‘Timeline resolution’ scroll all the way up to ‘Custom’.
• Choose Custom.
• Put your resolution below custom for 1080 x 1920 processing.
• Click save.
• Now your DaVinci Resolve project does not show any different, because there is no content attached.
• Choose ‘Edit’ window tab in your project located in last bar.
• Drag your video in edit tab. Now your video should be in 9:16 aspect ratio, like video recorded using mobile phone.
• Sometime you have to zoom your video, or make it focus. To zoom your video, click to square looking icon located in left corner of play, pause area. It’s called ‘Transform’.
• Using Transform edit your video based on your requirement.
• Keep in mind with time pane, make sure your video should not exceed the length 60sec. (I always keep it below 58 sec.)
• Save your video and done, you now edited your existing content into YouTube shorts video.

Need to see how to make YouTube Short using Davinci resolve, see the video below.


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