What is Social Engineering Warning in Google Webmaster tools? How to resolve ‘Deceptive Site Ahead’ warning?

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Do you receive any warning message on your Google Webmaster dashboard? Do browsers shows “Deceptive Site Ahead” warning message while you visit your site? You probably wondering you have done no changes to your core file yet what went wrong that Google has to send you such a warning! Google does send many notifications on Webmaster tool dashboard and some of them have to take into account seriously. The consequences are very high, you might hammer your search ranking or business because you didn’t follow the few easy steps. The social engineering warning basically will let you think and consider fixing as soon as possible.

What is Social Engineering warning message in Google Webmasters tool?

Google can penalize website who take a part in social engineering or have affected by a third-party script as phishing and deceptive sites. This is happening, when your third party advertiser or script tricks visitors into doing something dangerous, such as revealing confidential information or downloading software in name of some reputed brands. Some of a good example are listed in Google.

Example of Social Engineering Phishing Ads

Example of Social Engineering Phishing Ads (source: Google)

How to check your website phishing warning details?

Google normally enclose the URL affected with social engineering phishing. Google have awesome tool Google Safe Browsing and it is always good to check if your site has more than one page affected with phishing.


Should you worry that your website received deceptive site ahead warning?

I have done nothing in last few days, all of sudden how my website is effected to phishing or deceptive. Why all of sudden, my website have message “deceptive site ahead” while browsing. These are the question you probably have in first sight of a warning message. You probably have thought the same as other user thinks.

In order to answer should you worries? Well, this is Yes and No in both senses. Yes, because you will loose your site reputation, barely users will skip the warning and visit your site. The search engine result will list the warning message under your domain URL, which leave the bad taste to your users. No, because this can happen without your notice. If you have NO intention of doing such harmful step in your business then you can just get rid of this easily. However, you have to follow few more steps blow. But it is very important you take into consideration

Why I am affected by social engineering when I have done nothing.

Yes, it can be many things while taking this topic into account. Some good reasons could be, you have third party JavaScript installed on your website. Which throw social engineering ads to users. Your server might be affected with malware and malicious. You have outdated plugin installed.


How to prevent recurring deceptive site ahead warning message on your website?

As stated above, most commonly we all small blog owners attach advertise JavaScript code on our website.

The first step is to check your advertiser company, how genuine are they? A trustworthy company will never include these kinds of ads in their cycle. Stay away from untrusted ads networks.

If your server is Linux, scan your web server with Maldet, if you have shared hosting tell your host provider to check into it.

If you use CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Umbraco or any others), check if your plugin is genuine and updated. If nothing is intentional, as Google says, if there is nothing intention, you should not worry.


How to submit reconsideration for the deceptive site ahead warning message?

It is very important that you have to make the change before submitting for reconsideration. After all these above steps, you have to submit the reconsideration to Google in order for your website to visible without “deceptive site ahead” warning message. I have the sample email for reconsideration.


Dear Google Safe Browsing Team Member,

On (day/month/year) I received a notification of a Social engineering content detection on my website. I have reviewed the URL http://yourdomainname[.]com/the-affected-url/ where and done the following steps to resolve the issue.

(Please list your steps here e.g.

  • If you have scanned your server with Meldet, include the result
  • Your website/blog plugin anything if you have updated.
  • If you have removed affected content or ads from your server?
  • Also, include any other steps you have done! )

I am truly committed to following your guidelines in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.


Your name


What is next, should you do?

After consideration submission, what is next? Well, keep eye on above checklist, follow the guidelines and as listed in Webmaster tool dashboard, you have to wait 48 hours for Google safe browsing team to look into it. After safe browsing team accepts your reconsideration, you will receive a new message with successful information. In next few hours, your site or affected page start loading without a deceptive site ahead warning message.


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