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YouTube unique names are really good if you are planning to make your channel a future brand. A brand could be anything but depend on your offering and popularities. MrBeast is a name and become so popular that it’s brand name now. In this video, I will guide you through, how you can change your existing YouTube name to a unique name which probably going to be a future brand name.
In my previous post, I shared you how you can create a youtube custom name, in that video I create a custom name using your name, which basically include your first name, middle or last name. In this video, I will show you how you can create a totally unique name if though if you have youtube channel under your name. Without further ado, let’s create a custom and unique name for youtube channel.
Remember, you can only change youtube name 3 times every 90 days.
To eligible for custom url, you need 100 or more subscribers, your youtube channel need to be at least 30 days or elder, have an uploaded profile picture and banner image.
In this demo I will use one of my another youtube channel.
Let’s go to and navigate to channel. As you can also see I have profile picture uploaded, banner image and more than 173 subscribers.
In this demo, my current youtube name is keshabraj and I would like to change this to MrKeshab, sound familiar? Ha ha not MrBeast but MrKeshab..
See the video for step by step guide:

To, make unique youtube name, Click on Customize Channel.
In Channel Customization, you can see Layout, Branding and Basic Info in the top navigation.
To change the youtube name, we go to basic info, you can see the current URL under the Channel description.
If your channel didn’t meet the custom name threshold, you will only see the Channel URL which is located just before Custom URL name.
As in this demo, my current Channel URL is Keshabraj and I am going to change that to MrKeshab

To change youtube name to unique name you have to delete your current youtube URL name.
Click on the DELETE, located under your current youtube url name.

Under basic info, if you have nick name remove it for now. Don’t worry we will restore everything after unique name. Write the unique name in First name and leave the blank in Last name. In this demo, I am going to write MrKeshab and remove the Last name. Save and go back.
Now, let’s go back to YouTube customization page and refresh the page. The old youtube custom name is removed and now I have option to choose new name, which include, MrKeshab, the one which I just created in profile.
For this demo, I choose MrKeshab and Click Publish and confirm the new youtube name.

Pro tips: Do you know how to add a YouTube subscriber in the right corner of your youtube channel? Which help you get more subscribers. Let’s do that also.
Under the custom URL, click to add a link, write Subscribe on the link title field
and write your youtube url name?sub_confirmation=1, in this demo, I will write

This is how it look and when a user visit to your channel and click to the youtube icon they will be ask to confirm the channel subscription.
Now let’s test the new unique youtube name. As you can see it’s working as excepted.

So, let’s go back to YouTube profile and Change the name back to your original name. Save all the details, it looks good. Let’s refresh the Channel customization and see. Ok, everything looks perfect as we want it. So, our unique custom youtube name is live now. I hope you learn how to change your youtube url name to a unique brand name. If you think this video is useful, please help me grow by subscribing to my channel, like the video and share with your friends. Until then see you.


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