How to create good-looking Curriculum vitae (CV)? Download CV templates Free

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I know you are a smart, skilled and intelligent individual. You have the qualifications that match the highly paid job. To get into this you probably have to fight with million others and you have the capabilities to do that! BUT who will notice you first? Do you have anyone in the company? If yes, then good CV does not really matter! You have the way to express your talent. Those who do not have anyone around in the company and despite having huge talent; you want your CV to impress someone who selects your CV on first look among million.

Lately, I have been busy working on office and personal stuff. Junior relative brother has asked me for creating a good-looking CV. Back in days, there used to be thousands of free CV creating an application or some useful Free CV template. I didn’t really have any name in my mind, though I continue my search on Big G. I know Google always-pushing different algorithm and basic Search Engines Optimization (SEO) have vital roles on comparing domain in ranking movement.

It took few minutes to find few good looking CV, then I spent few minutes to fill the data and design the CV. Then when it comes to downloading, it asks me for a subscription. Well, I was looking for Free CV keyword and eventually, the title says the same but it asked me while downloading. Well, that’s cheating.

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I did a further search on G brother and went to two or three more CV generating sites, but the final result was same, they all asked me $$ while trying to download. There were few free CV templates as well, but they do not even look like impressive CVs format. So I decided to design some CV templates in Microsoft Word. I decided to make it public for all, so at least those who are looking for free CV templates on Microsoft Word can download and use it in quick time. Sharing is caring 🙂

Download professional CV template free

The First CV is very professional [at least I think that 🙂 ] please feel free to change the design and of course the text. The file is in Microsoft Word format and hopes you can edit easily.

The Second CV is single page CV, which fit in a very professional, please do download the free CV by clicking the link below.

Hope this will save your time and will get your dream job! Good luck and do share if you find this is relevant.

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  1. Alana Mautone

    People looking for jobs appreciate something that is both free and of high quality. This will be a good resource.

  2. Alice Gerard

    Wow, very helpful. I have made a career looking for a job. This could come in handy.

    • Keshab Raj

      Thank you Alice, I am glad it helped you. Cheers and Good Luck 🙂

  3. Ioannis

    Useful templates. Good job.

  4. A. Smith

    These tow templates can help a lot.

  5. bestsoftwarewap

    thank you very because the posting was very useful

  6. google chrome 2019

    Great article to know more review google chrome 2019. Thanks For admin

  7. Prodotti Dimagranti

    The look of curriculum vitae is of great importance. It is the first impression and it must be good. These templates can help for sure.


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