How to Enable Live Streaming from YouTube Mobile app

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In this post, I am going to shared with you, how I enabled the YouTube mobile Live Streaming for my Channel. By using the same methods, you will learn how to enable YouTube mobile live streaming for your channel as well, please watch the video until end to see the final result.

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There are many ways of streaming in YouTube, you can use webcam from your computer or use software tool as such OBS and require some technical knowledge but YouTube mobile live streaming is one of the easiest ways to go live with your subscriber. Let’s start how I resolve the YouTube Mobile Live Streaming for my YouTube Channel.

Let’s go to my YouTube channel using mobile phone. I can see the Go Live text upon clicking on this but PLUS icon but when I click to go Live I got a message saying, Eligibility that my channel does not meet our updated eligibility requirements for mobile live streaming. Let’s see what are the requirement for YouTube Mobile live streaming?

Well, I do have more than 1000 subscriber and there are no live streaming restrictions with in 90 days in my channel and it’s verify using my phone and I my phone is latest.

First, I thought YouTube will automatically enable the features and waited for a week, no changes!! So, I decided to send the feedback to YouTube.
Watch the video for all the process step by step:

———— ———— YouTube Live Streaming feedback request sample message ———— ————

Dear YouTube Team,


My YouTube Channel has crossed 1000 subscriber (recently), I don’t have any copyright or community guidelines strike on my channel. I was looking for Live Streaming function in my YouTube mobile apps, it seems the function is yet to enable. Please let me know if I still need anything more to eligible for YouTube mobile Live Streaming.

Channel URL:

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Your Name

(remember to include the screenshot which shows the subscribers stats)

———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ————

I sent this feedback on 5th of Feb, 2021 and 9th of Feb 2021, my YouTube Mobile Live streaming is enabled, if you also have similar issue I would suggest you to wait for a week after your channel completing 1K subscriber benchmark and if nothing happen, send your feedback to YouTube TM, and have patient, trust me YouTube support or engineering I don’t who is looking for these feedback are really really awesome people and you will be amazed by the resolve, it work await.

Thank you for reading this, do let me know in the comment below if you resolve the issue and how? Until then keep making videos and see you.


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