How to enable YouTube Community Tab | Enable your YouTube Channel Community page in 2021

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In this post, I will take you through, how I enabled the YouTube Community page for my Channel. By using this step by step guide, you will learn how to enable Community page for your channel as well, please watch the video until end to see the final result.

YouTube Community post are really great way to communicate with the subscriber and YouTube community. The features let you create Posts, Polls, Gifs images, Images, and videos. This is the one of the best ways to keep in touch with not only your subscriber but with all YouTube community. They always appear in Community tab, Subscriptions and sometime they appear in YouTube Mobile or Home page as well. If you are bond with your community this tab is really helpful.

Let’s start how I enable the Community post features in my Channel.
Let’s go to my Channel, as my Channel already have more then 1000 subscriber, I was wondering why my YouTube Community tab is not available. Just to check with setting, there is no information available in customization page. After the research I found the community page is the section YouTube support team should add after you reaching the benchmark. Yet, I have reached the benchmark still can’t see the community post page!

Before proceeding with feedback, I checked if the Community setting under Channel setting is set correctly. That I do not have discussion tab enabled which most probably going to substitute the community tab.
See the video for details step by step guide:

So, at the end, I decided to send feedback to YouTube asking if they can help me with YouTube community tab. Those of you, who would like to have an idea, the sample of this message is also added in text below.

—— ——- —- YouTube community tab request message sample ——- —– ——

Dear YouTube TM,


My Channel recently crossed 1000 subscribers but I am unable to find the community tab features within my YouTube channel. Could you please enable the feature so I can communicate with my subscribers.

YouTube Channel URL:…

Best regards,

Your Name (if you have brand name write your name fram brand name) 

*Remember to include screenshot and highlight the channel name and subscribers details and I would also suggest you to highlight the your youtube navigation bar, so show you don’t have community tab enabled. (Just like I highlight in video)

———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ————

The important part of this feedback is, you should remember to include your YouTube Channel URL and in screenshot part highlight the Channel name with Subscription details. Which will speed up your feedback process and you should have result shortly.
After sending the request, please have patient, it will take some time but it worth a wait, YouTube support team as awesome and you will be happy with the resolve.

I have submitted the request 7 days ago and I my community tab is enabled today. Which mean you probably have to wait between 7-10 days.

Thank you for watching, do let me know in the comment below if your community page is enabled and how? Until then, take care and see you.


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