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For me, the best part of being a youtube content creator is when I spend hours to make a complete video and upload to youtube. After every new video upload to my youtube channel, I used to refresh the youtube analytic page every five minutes. Excepting some magic to happen but the view remains 20-30 including my own views. I go to bed and wakeup next day with the excitement and the very first thing I do is to check the video analytic again, but with due respect the views are same as day before. If you also related to this, please write your story in comment below.

YouTube is changing and it is changing very fast, if you are a small youtubers like me, this video is for you. Act now before it is too late.
You may have already heard about, YouTube Shorts. I made a youtube video a long ago when YouTube shorts was in the beta version and partly rolled in India and subcontinent only. But starting this March, YouTube short is officially available in USA. Which mean, the billions of new shorts video will be in market.

If you haven’t made a youtube shorts yet and need help, write in comment, I will try my best to guide you on what kind of youtube short videos you should making based on your niche. Before proceeding with this video, please subscriber to my youtube channel as well.

In this post, I will shared with you, why YouTube shorts are very important for small youtubers to get first 1000 subscribers. This video is also a case study that I was doing past few months. I am going to use my brother channel youtube shorts insights and compare with my own regular youtube videos. As his shorts are decently popular but the insight data are very interesting. He is gaining almost 20+ subscriber in almost every youtube shorts. Which is a dream come true for a small youtubers.

Let’s look at his recent youtube shorts video with length of 0.54 seconds, which got the 1.2K view and almost 7 hours of watch time. The most important part of this popular shorts is he gained 19 subscribers with less than a minute’s videos. This is a big deal for new youtubers where you get subscriber without asking for it. All the subscribers come from YouTube shorts, which mean youtube recommend his video to the other users.

Please watch the video for details analytics comparison:

The best part of these subscribers is they like his content, which mean in your future when my brother post a similar kind of content these subscriber will be watching and commenting to his video. Which is the best way to smash the youtube algorithm. It very small step but right on the path.
Let’s see his another youtube shorts, the numbers are astonishing. Every shorts are making really big impact for his channel, I know is he growing but I am dam sure he is in right path to archive his first 1000 subscribers soon. So, if you are just under 1000 subscribers like him, follow the similar methods, remember youtube says, your shorts need to be catchy, just like my brother shorts, make your youtube shorts exact to the point.

Let’s compare the youtube shorts with one of my normal videos with the decent views. The propose of comparing shorts with regular youtube video is, how effective youtube shorts are in terms of growing fast subscriber for your channel.

A more than 5 minutes long youtube video with 7000+ views has got only 16 subscribers by the time I am recording this video where my brothers 0.46 seconds long youtube shorts videos has with just over 500 views has got him 25 subscribers. If I go deep details in the analytics part of the shorts video, all the traffic, subscribers or watch times are coming from YouTube shorts, which mean youtube has promoted the video for few minutes and this is what happen. Think about making a youtube shorts and staying in top for few days, it will help you reach your first 1000 benchmark and accomplish your dream.

And at the meantime, if I have to compare the videos making process for these two videos, I probably have to plan a day to make a 5 min video where as a couple of hours can do for the shorts videos. To be clear that I am not saying you should stop making regular video, but shorts videos are way more effective for growing the subscriber very fast.

I hope you also understand why you should also start making youtube shorts to grow your youtube subscribers very fast. If you are already making shorts, please write in comment below, how it worked for you? Until then take care and see you.


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