How to Make Professional YouTube Banner Free (YouTube Channel Art)

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In this post, I am going to shared with you, how I make my unique Channel Banner using free tool and free template ((Just like the one you can see in the video). The best part of this video is, you will learn how to design YouTube channel banner for FREE, very quick and very unique for your YouTube channel.

I am going to create a professional looking YouTube Banner (Just like the one you can see in this video) using FREE online tools.

The YouTube banner also called YouTube channel art is the one of the first impression of you to your audiences. This step-by-step guide will help you also create the professional YouTube banner for free. If you are new to my youtube channel, make sure you hit that Subscribe button, Like the video and share with friends.

Now, let’s start creating the YouTube Banner for free.

  • Open
  • Navigate to Templates
  • And Click
  • YouTube Channel Art have lots of free ready to use design which you can simply click, edit and download for your YouTube Channel. But, in this video, we are going to make our own banner art design from the scratch. To create your own design, click to create a blank YouTube Channel Art.

if you don’t want to save your design for future use you don’t need a signup for this design but I would recommend, login to the free account of Canva, so you can save your design for the future edit. You can navigate to templates, and navigate down to YouTube channel art. Canva have thousands of premade designs but idea here is to create your unique custom kind of design from the existing one.

  • Create a Blank YouTube Channel Art,
  • On the search bar type – “Colorful”

Find the exact the design like in pictures, I used it but I don’t want to have the same design it is. So, my design for the blog is totally different,

it looks more like appealing to the banner image and I want to have some uniqueness in my color. So, it can correspond to the color brand I have for my banner. To change the color, we just click in the canvas and change the color, I have a sky blue in the side, I want to change this one to sky blue. The sky blue on the other side also, and the yellow on the side.

See the video to for the design details.

To add a banner art to your youtube channel:

  • Go to Youtube Channel Customization,
  • On the top you have, Layout, Branding and Basic info
  • If you go to Branding, this is where you can change your Profile picture, Banner image and Video watermark.
  • Click the banner image to upload the banner art.



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