How to Stake & Farm Cake BNB liquidity pool in PancakeSwap from Trust Wallet

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In this PancakeSwap stake and farms tutorial video, I will show you how to stake your Cake BNB coin as liquidity provider in PancakeSwap from your Trust Wallet. When you stake your cake-bnb on pancakeswap, you will earn cake coin as reward. If you have an Cake and BNB in your Trust Wallet, this is a free passive income for you where you can earn Cake coin as reward by providing the liquidity in the PancakeSwap. While learning how to stake cake-bnb lp (liquidity provider) token, you will also learn, how to enable browser option on trust wallet. The browser option enable and connect the decentralized exchanges blockchain as such, pancakeswap, uniswap and many other features.

How to Stake & Farm Cake BNB liquidity pool in PancakeSwap from Trust Wallet

Please watch the video for step by step guide on how to stake your cake-bnb lp token on pancakeswap using trust wallet.

What do you need to stake cake-bnb lp in pancakeswap

  • The same equivalent amount of both coin in value
  • Browser options enabled in trust wallet
  • A small bnb balance to enable the liquidity provider features

Is there other methods to earn yield in pancakeswap for my cake token?

yes, you can go to Pool in pancakeswap and use Syrup Pools where you don’t need to convert your cake token but use auto staking.


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