How to withdraw money from trust wallet using Binance

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One of the simplest methods to keep your cryptocurrency safe is to use Trust Wallet. You may practically trade any new coin based on Ethereum network (ERC20) or Binance Network (BEP20) token currencies with the browser option enabled. It’s simple to transfer money from your trust wallet to your bank account, but because it’s virtual currency, we have to perform a little more work because we our bank does not yet accept cryptocurrency directly to our bank account.
In this step-by-step blog post, I am going to show you how to withdraw money from trust wallet to your bank account using Binance

  1. You need to have a account on So, if you don’t have account in binance, signup and verify yourself with and add your bank account to the exchange website. You should not be starting withdrawal process until you are verified with the exchanges.
  2. once you successfully verified to binance, download the binance apps and login to app using same login details, since we will be using trust wallet to send the crypto currency, it will be very easy for you to copy and paste the sending and receiving currency address. Once you login to binance apps, select the crypto coin you want to receive money from your trust wallet. For example, if you want to send BNB from trust wallet to binance you have to copy the receive address from BNB, sending coin to wrong address result in lost forever.
  3. copy the memo, if requires and send the coin to the related address: Again, in this step: if your coin is not supported in Binance, swap them using PancakeSwap or UniSwap to ETH and send it to Binance. And If you don’t know how to connect to PancakeSwap or UniSwap on trust wallet, look for this video on my channel. When the sent currencies arrive to your account in Binance, now you have to sell them to your currency.
  4. if you got confused, watch this step-by-step video guide

    once you receive ETH in your trust wallet, you can check available balance on Wallet > Fiat and Spot page.
  5. On the selected currency, you can see trade link associated on the table, click to trade, in this demo I am going to click to trade on ETH and choose ETH/Euro, you can choose your currency.  On the amount tab on sell eth, I am going to choose how much I want to sell and how much I am getting to shown down in total. Now click to sell. We can see the order in order history, once the order is completed, let’s go back to Wallet and Fiat and Spot. Now your currency fiat is listed there, in my demo I have euro.
  6. Click to Withdraw and choose Withdraw Fiat, now choose your currency and you can see your available balance on enter amount input.
  7. Input your amount and click to continues.


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