Resolved: Is your website blocked in Here is how to fix

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Is your website blocked in Here is how to fix

This post is related to our own website. So, all the procedures for how to fix blocked websites on Facebook we did are inclosed. The common warning message is “The link you tried to visit goes against our Community Standards.”

I just figured out that our Sister web ClearWebStats Facebook has been banned by Facebook without prior warning. Although the website has very little page likes yet, we receive a very decent number of visitors from the Facebook organic and referral and the shared frequency rate is very high compared to other social media. More than a visitor, while someone tries to click the link or post on Facebook, it does not give a good impression to users saying that the website about a visit or make a purchase is violating the community guidelines.

First approach toward Facebook blocked website fix

Are you running Facebook Ads? Can you still access Facebook business manager? It’s time to pause or stop your Facebook ads. Because your website is blocked, your users will have misleading information and your advertising money will be in vain.

Request whitelisting using shared link

This is a very common step yet it will send the acknowledge message to Facebook.

  • Share your website link to your profile or page.
  • Since your website is already blocked it will warn you.
  • Click to continue.
  • After two informative pages you will be asked to accept the decision that Facebook made on your website.
  • You can choose to disagree.
    Remember, you are disagreeing with Facebook blocked policy because your website is 100% community standards, else all your claims do not make any sense.

How to find if your website is blocked by Facebook?

First thing first, let’s make sure your website URL is functioning well. Before blaming Facebook for the blockade, please check your site. Some common issues could be your secure server layer (SSL) is expired and it triggers the error message to Facebook share.
Another common mistake, URL alias pattern, check your URL is typed correctly, a long and poor URL alias leads to mishap %yourname%year%number%kind.html, which eventually throws an error or warning.

If you believe you do not have any issue with the URL and alias. Try to post a link on Facebook.

you can’t go to this link from Facebook, the link you tried to visit goes against our community standards

If you received the warning saying “you can’t go to this link from Facebook, the link you tried to visit goes against our community standards”. Let’s resolve!

How to fix the website blocked in Facebook

Facebook has some developer tools which allow us to debug the sharing tool. 

Since you are already blocked in Facebook you most probably will receive the following error message. 

 “We can't review this website because the content doesn't meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.”

I am not sure if you can read the image above but it says, “We can’t review this website because the content doesn’t meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.”

  • Now click on the let us know
  • This will lead you to Facebook help pages, where most websites blocked by Facebook are taken into account. 
  • Fill the input field and submit.

Remember, you have already breached the Facebook community guidelines. Your input text should be something you have done to prevent the same thing again. I strongly urge you, if you are planning to make a false claim and gain access to the page, rather don’t try. It takes a few seconds for Facebook to completely remove access to your Facebook, page and permanently bad your website. But if you happen to be blocked due to a misleading post or something you usually don’t do, it’s always good to take a lesson from it and move on. Good luck.


It took almost a month for Facebook to review the request (most probably because of pandemic and everyone is working from home), nonetheless the methods work. Meanwhile, I did double/triple submitted the form and gone all the process above.

Suggestion: Do not post anything that Facebook which is against Facebook community standards. It can happen automatically if you have website like ours where the user can generate the content.

Is your website also blocked by Facebook because of the violation? Share your process and how are you doing in the comment section below.


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