Shiba Inu token coin : Should you Buy, Sell or Hold

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Shiba Inu is in trending list since its launch, either by jumping on the top 25 cryptocurrencies list with few days after launching in the market or Vitalik Buterin donating the Shiba coin to India Covid Refill fund. Vitalik Buterin donated for the good cause, however that brings lots of price fluctuation in the Shiba Coin. The good news is, the coin Vitalik donated are already circulated the market, so there is low risk in future in term of high fluctuations in price.

The topic today is very controversial, looking toward news streaming media, there is always a news popping up for the Shiba Inu which is really good for the Shiba Inu coin. I have a couple of point I would like to express here which may be going to help you better understand regarding, should you sell or hold your Shiba Inu coin.
Bear in mind, this is my personal opinion, I am not a financial adviser, please do your own research before investment or returning your investment from the market.

I have my own story that I am going to tell you today, to make a long story short, back in 2017 when I was learning crypto trading and I invested 300 USD worth of coins which include approx. 0.5 BTC, 1M dogecoin and some other coins.
By then there was a really popular website for the coin exchange, the website name was I was learning cryptocurrency trading and it didn’t really go well. So, overall, I lost USD 200+ in trade and exchange market and I transfer leftover BTC which was value of <100 USD by then to Coinbase. Out of 9M dogecoins I had only 36000 Dogecoin remaining, so I left these remaining dogecoin on the exchange website. By then, the price of the dogecoin was so low, that I couldn’t even sell that for minimum amount.

So, I was back to my regular job and time flies, Recently, when Elon Musk starting support the dogecoin, the price starting picking up and I went back to check the website after few years, sadly the website was closed a long ago. There is no email or SMS for me regarding the closure. So, I lost my 36000 Dogecoin in an exchange website. Had I moved that remaining dogecoin to my any wallet I could have return well from my investment. A lesson learnt with the huge price.

The story is similar here, the Shiba coin is likes of the dogecoin, though it does not have likes of Elon Musk. Right now, if we go the Shiba coin website, they are planning to launch a new project call Bone. Shina Inu Bone is new coin that they are developing over the Defi blockchain and they are also planning to make their own ShibaSwap.

So, what I am trying to say here is, when any kind of crypto project that have pipeline and keep improving their development in support to the coin, there is a hope. I am not saying this will pick up like the dogecoin but you never know in crypto market.
I do have hope in Shiba Inu coin, so does their huge fan following in social media. Shiba coin has 124K+ remembers in Telegram, 360K+ followers in twitter and 100K+ members in reddit. They have huge support, now it is up to Shiba Inu team to take where exactly they want to take the holders.

By seeing the dogecoin price going from to the current position. Anything is possible. I am investing my less than 100$ and I bought Shiba Inu at every early stage, even though if I sell my Shiba Inu coin now, I will be received more than 200% of return. However, my own personal history suggests me something, I have regret of 36000 dogecoin that I lost then more than 80% of my investment went to vain. At the last please, remember this is not a financial advice, please do your own research before investing or returning your investment from the market.


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