Six easy tips for Google ADSENSE approval

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Google ADSENSE is a premium publisher program offered by Google Inc. It is also known as most POPULAR contextual advertising program in the market. Especially when you preferred automation and let the Google decide which ads to run on their Revenue per thousand impressions (RPM), ADSENSE is best publisher solution.


Having the best publisher program, it is also very tough to get approved in Google ADSENSE program. There is NOTHING like the shortcut to how to get approved in ADSENSE program. There are few things you should take into consideration before jumping into Google Adsense program.

  1. Do NOT rush: There might be millions of reason, why you are blogging or running a website! Most of the cases are exigent and you face lots of pressure to earn something to survive. In this case, DO NOT RUSH. Prepare yourself, once you denied from Google Adsense program, it will be very hard for you to get into the publisher program. Of course, you can reapply after a certain time but the first impression is enormously important. So, please read the steps below before submitting your blog for consideration.
  2. Content: Content is the King and Google does believe on it. So, think before you apply, does your content have value? You certainly need to find why a user should visit your site and revisit. With Google’s numerous algorithms and their frequent update, writing UNIQUE content will take your blog UP in order in terms of ranking. This is where your hard work paid off. So, take your time to write a good content. A single blog post with poor content can drag your whole blog ranking.
  1. Users: The website/blog user should be automatic. If you follow the step1, then you will have the visitor soon or later, you just need some patient. Do NOT buy users just to get approved from ADSENSE. Yes, there are easy basic SEO steps you can do are previously covered in this blog post.
  2. Design: Do not make the confused design. Let users find what they are seeking easily. Do not make kind of design that forces users to click on Ads. Google is very strict about privacy and policy violation. You can find millions of free theme for your website with the nice and clear design. Be nice and remember the step no1. Try to include at least one or more images on your blog post to illustrate the information. Font size, blog color should be easy for users to read. Consider the user-friendly environment, a responsive deign is good for informative blog or site.
  3. Social Media: Be strong in social media, the number of time you have to shout yourself. Let people know what you do. A good number of social media will drive a lot of traffic to your site. A good post can go viral overnight with trusted users. A good number of social media will also acknowledge search engines that you are trusted by the users. There are many angles can you find why should be active in social media.
  4. Own your stuff: There are a large number of free blog available and if you are hosting your blog on one of this e.g., you probably loosing your impression. I do NOT mean to say, the blog with Blogspot does not get approved but the successes percent is very low. So, if you host your blog with one of these free blogger hosting, move your site to self-hosting. I previously cover how to make the self-hosted blog. This little stuff will also show your dedication to your work, look professional and own your domain increases the trust level.

Google have well-managed information with example over here. Give it a time and read all the information. A violation can revoke your affiliation anytime. So, it is always good to study before taking part into in the program.

Google offer a large number of options on Ads size including responsive ads, however, you can easily find the best performing size here. Having said that, the ads performance will be based on your content and area you place your ads. So, I advise you to test alternative area and size based on your design.

content policies list from google adsense

These are the pre-approval basic tips, the other stuff you need to consider is the post-approval stage, I will write a blog on this topic in the forthcoming day.

Good luck!


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