Starting Your Journey with ChatGPT and AI Tools to Make Money Online

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Make YouTube Videos with ChatGPT and other AI

Do you want to make money online but don’t know where to start? Do you want to get creative and utilize the power of technology to reach your goals? Well, look no further as ChatGPT can be your ultimate solution to help you achieve your dreams.
ChatGPT provides a broad range of solutions to help you make money online. In this article, we will explore the idea of content creation through YouTube videos. Specifically, we will show you how to create a 1-2 minute video using ChatGPT and other AI tools.

We will start by asking ChatGPT to write a script for a YouTube video about a 7-day diet plan that helps improve energy levels and reduce weight. The 7-day diet plan provided by ChatGPT is not only comprehensive but also mind-blowing and impressive. If you want to use this in your daily life, you can even ask ChatGPT to make a shopping list based on the diet plan to make your grocery shopping easier.

However, the script provided by ChatGPT is not detailed enough. To make the video more informative and practical, we asked ChatGPT to modify the daily diet plan to not exceed 2000 calories. While the daily diet plan looks much better with the addition of calorie information, we still feel that it is not enough. If you have to follow the daily plan based on this video, you need to know the food quantities. So, we asked ChatGPT again to write a script for a 1-2 minute video that includes the food quantities. The daily diet plan is now much clearer and more actionable.

ChatGPT, like any AI model, has its glitches. Lately, when the conversion is long, ChatGPT may stop in the middle of writing. In this case, simply write in the ChatGPT input box to continue, and it will pick up from where it was left.

For added visual appeal, we can utilize OpenAI’s Dalle-E tool. Dalle-E generates images based on text, so we can copy our day 1 text and paste it in the tool to get some nice images. We can also ask for variations until we are satisfied with the results, and then save the image to our computer.

Another AI tool that can help us bring our script to life is generates videos based on your script, making it an excellent tool for content creation. For starters, you can create 3 videos, each up to 10 minutes long, using the tool. If you like the tool, you can purchase it using the affiliate link in the description of your video. By using the affiliate link, you may receive a small commission or even a bonus. The sign-up process is easy, and you will be taken to the dashboard once you complete the inputs.

The dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive. To get started, copy the script written by ChatGPT to the “Script to Video” section and click “proceed.” We will name our video and include the first 3 days and last day of the diet plan in our video, including the closing summary written by ChatGPT.

One of the best parts of using ChatGPT to write the script is that it is full and finished. However, if you decide to write the script yourself, be careful with your sentences, full stops, and paragraphs, as these small details can greatly impact the video’s scenes.

The dashboard has several tabs to help you customize your video. In the “Story” ChatGPT is a valuable tool that can help you make money online by creating content. For example, you can create a 1-2 minute video on YouTube about a 7-day diet plan that helps improve energy levels and reduce weight. The 7-day diet plan provided by ChatGPT is comprehensive and can even be used to make a shopping list. To get more specific information for the video, you can modify the daily diet plan with calorie counts and food quantities.

To create the video, you can use the AI tool Dall-E to generate images based on the text, and to generate the video based on the script. With Pictory, you can easily customize the visual and audio elements of the video, including background, text, and music. To brand your video, you can add a custom logo and choose the style and animation of your text. With ChatGPT and these AI tools, you can create a professional and engaging video that will keep your audience interested.

If you’re happy with the result, consider uploading the video to YouTube and monetizing it through ads, sponsorships, or affiliate links. And remember, the more you practice and refine your skills, the better your videos will become. With ChatGPT, the possibilities are endless!


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