Top 4 Trending Metaverse coin to buy | Metaverse alt coins to make $100 into 100K?

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Hello everyone!

First of all, I am extremely sorry for disappearing from Blog and YouTube for over 5 months. It was really a tragedy moment in my life. I am still struggling and hoping to be better in day to come. But you my dear subscriber and channel visitor, I would like to say, thank you for being with me even in my darkest time. It’s really meant a lot! and I promise, I will justify the love and response by utilize every opportunity to share the useful information in my future videos. With that being said, let’s get it started.

FYI, anything in this video with coin to buy and others are not financial advice, I am really poor at that job, please do your own delegates before the investment.

The Facebook announcement to Meta leads to lots of other company going toward Metaverse as well, since then meta related coins are booming. Today in this video I am going to talk about top 4 metaverse coins by coinmarketcap volume and how to buy them. I normally like to include how to buy process in my videos, because there are lots of users who would like to know, if you find that process if boring and too slow for you, you are more than welcome to navigate the video using timestamp.

For the buying process I will be using Trust Wallet but you can use any other wallet as well. And if you are subscriber to my channel, I maintained that quit a lot, a ERC20 or ETH based coin, we buy or sell them using UniSwap and a BEP20 coins we buy or sell them using PancakeSwap and if you miss that detailed video, please watch this video on my channel.

Top 4 trending Metaverse alt coins to make $100 into 100K

  • 4 – Magic metaverse MAC – with 13.4m of volume in a week
  • 3 – we have Fear – FEAR with 19.3m of volume in a week
  • 2 – we have Neos credits – NCR with 50.7m of volume in a week
  • 1 – we have Mobox – MBOX with 3.8B of volume in a week

It’s really hard to describe all the buying process over the text and it will be more continent and well understood for you to watch the video. So, please watch full video on my YouTube channel.

Other then this, The NFTs booming – which is good, but there a issue with booming NFTs. Price speculation and manipulation. This is a long topic, if you would like to make a video on this topic, please do let me know in the comment section below. I will cover that in day to come.


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