Top five cryptocurrencies to invest now

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Top five cryptocurrencies to invest now | Invest 500$ in these crypto currencies

If you are a beginner to the crypto currencies and want to start investing into the market but you have no idea where to start from! Which coin should you buy in the current volatile market and where exactly can you find them. I did some research so that it will help take your decision whether or not you should consider this as your investment.
Why only limit to 500? It is because this video is for the small and new investor in the cryptocurrency market and have a limitation with budget and not really know which one should they consider!
Watch full video to understand the detailed explanation:

today in this post, I am going to give you some idea if you are about to invest 500 usd in current volatile market, which crypto you should buy. As always, I say it again, I am not a financial adviser, this is not my financial advice, please do your own research before the investment. However, while doing the research I found these lists of the crypto project which I think will do better in the future.

Please check their website and their future projects which may be going to help you understand what is coming.

  1. Cardano

Cardano is not the new crypto, before this current market crash, cardano was high as 2.43$ and currently trending around $1.52. The platform started with Ethereum cofounder Charles on 2015. Normally, other top coins as such BTC or ETH have low in volumes, which is in millions where as Cardano standing on 45 billion. What is that mean?

How to buy Cardano:

Cardano is a public blockchain platform and you can buy this coin in exchange website as such Binance.

  1. Solana

Solana is built for crypto apps scalability and if and since crypto is growing this one will take the place in the market. Recently, Solana has really raised 314 million dollar in decentralize finance (defi) push. Solana has got what every they need to start with now up to Solana team to decide how far they want to with their innovation in defi.

How to buy Solana: The Solana is web-scale blockchain and you can buy this coin in exchange website as such binance.

  1. Polygon Matic –

    Polygon is designed and developed by Indian developer with the concept of providing a framework for crypto apps and connecting eth-compatible blockchain networks. Basically, they are trying to solve the issue with Ethereum network congestion and fees burden by scaling the defi apps performance.

How to buy Polygon Matic:

The central contract for Polygon matic is Ethereum and also available on their own network and you can buy this coin using UniSwap v2, it is also available in exchange website as such Coinbase and Binance.

  1. Polkadot

Polkadot is true gem for the all the different blockchain which actually aim to enable cross-blockchain transfers any types of data or asset. The future will be based on how two or more network will lead in the market. FYI, right now we already have enough active blockchains networks which is why Polkadot is existing.

How to buy Polkadot

The central contract for Polkadot is different so the coin is available on exchange website as such Binance.

  1. Amp token

Amp token is relatively new coin, this coin is trying to solve the link with instant verification, as we all know how long does it takes for instant BTC or dogecoin to transfer from one address to another. With verifiable assurance in real world application, the amp token is trying to solve the currently existing issue with most of the token coin.

How to buy AMP token

The central contract for AMP token is Ethereum and you can buy this coin using UniSwap v2 & SushiSwap, it is also available in exchange website as such Coinbase.

The above list is not favorite by name or anything but the solution they are aiming to provide for the overall crypto currencies are going to lead the marketing as long as crypto currencies. But remember, they are not like Meme token like Dogecoin or Shiba inu where you invest today a 100$ and expect manipulated pump and investment going to the moon. That’s does not happen with the real-life project. It takes time to build the real-life project so have faith and hold if you invest anything.

If you want to know how to transfer these coins from exchange website to your wallet as such trust wallet or any others, watch for this video, in in the video, I explained how to transfer BNB from binance to trust wallet, hope that give you some idea, how to transfer, if you have question please write them in comment section below. I will try to response them.

So, we reach to the end of this video, if you are still watching and if you want, consider subscribing to my youtube channel as well. Hit that like button if you like the video, and hit the bell notification icon if you don’t want to miss future video like this. Until then take care and see you.

This is not my financial advice, please do your own research before the investment.


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