Why YouTube shorts are not getting enough views? Here is proven resolve | How to get more subscribers fast

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Growing youtube subscriber is 2021 become so easy if you follow the youtube new features. I am talking about particular feature called ‘Shorts’. Personally, I haven’t seen any other methods that works so well to grow the subscribers then YouTube shorts.

I have seen, YouTube shorts has made many small youtubers a super star or celebrity with just couple of popular shorts. Their fan subscribers or fan following are absolutely insane.
But Why only some youtube shorts are popular and why some are not? What are the key things the popular shorts in youtube are using and what are the basic yet important thing you may be missing in your shorts.
This video consists of analytics and tips for you to improve your next shorts video, so you can grow the youtube subscribers. If you are yet to reach 1000 subscribers, these simple methods can be life changing for you and your channel. I personally applied these steps in my account to accomplish the result.

When I first started making shorts I used to get decent views approx. from. 300 – 600 and used to gain 3 to 6 subscribers. Which I think was good result for me. Than all of sudden, my shorts stop getting any views so does the subscribers. I thought YouTube hates me!!

A channel with more than 1000 subscribers is getting just 30-60 views is surely shows that is something wrong with my shorts and I need to correct it ASAP.

Which lead me to start doing the further study about Why my youtube shorts are not getting views and subscribers? If you also have the similar issue, follow these four simple steps while making youtube shorts and see the differences.

How I resolve my youtube shorts problems and start getting more views and more subscribers.

For better understanding please see the video as well.

Point no 1:

Don’t try to over length your youtube shorts,
Remember, your shorts watch hours, does not count toward youtube monetization requirement.
so only thing you want is, your shorts reach to maximum people and get the many subscribers as possible.
we all know, youtube shorts should be less than 60 seconds, but if you can cover information with in 15 seconds of video, just make shorts video for 15 seconds not for more than that.

Why, ok – it’s very interesting, and logical for youtube algorithm.
for the first, in 15 seconds, you only have very catchy information to cover, nothing that make users boring. Which is what youtube says about shorts.

For the seconds,
when users see 15 seconds of video, they most probably going to watch all of it. This is where your channel will gain a good and positive standing in youtube.
Do you know youtube algorithm work on user’s retention?
Which basically mean the number of percentages of length of your video that viewers watched. With video length of 15 seconds, your retention will go above 90%, which will leave your channels overall standing really good on youtube.

Point no 2: Don’t overdo your shorts video:

What exactly is over doing a shorts mean? I would rather show you the result then talking. I tried one shorts with two different way, one as I said overdone while editing and another very simple without even editing additional but making sure it follows the 9:16 ratio format.

As you can see the differences.
The First overdone shorts video uploaded to a channel with 1000 subscribers and another shorts video without editing uploaded to a youtube channel with 0 subscribers.
You can see the differences.

Point no 3: Make your Youtube Shorts title should be short and include hashtag #Shorts in description!

As youtube says, you can write #Shorts in title or description. But as you can see when you play Shorts video in youtube mobile, having less text in title can make your video thumbnail more visible and thumbnail can lead user to watch your video more.

Point no 4: Don’t do anything like End Screen or Card, No more SEO part as such tags or keywords.

An additional and very Important point: if you think your shorts is really good and catchy, I suggest you to upload and forget. Do not edit video title, description or tags anything so many times. When you edit your video details, your video has to go to indexing process again, which mean your video is queuing in tens of thousands of other videos per minute.

The normal re-indexing of your title and description in youtube takes about 3 days (at least in my case).

So, follow these steps: If you have any question, please write in the comment section below. Remember to subscriber to the channel, like and shared the video. Until then, take care and see you.

Something out of the context yet very strange pattern happened during this youtube shorts case study. Not sure if this one applied to everyone but I would like to share with you as well.
During the case study I used 4 Shorts videos in different channels.

When YouTube start recommending videos, I used to get the notification of user commenting or subscribing to the channel.

3 times when I received notification and start responding to the comment, the shorts videos were pulled back from the youtube shorts recommendation after hours or so. Out of 4 videos notification, Only one time I missed the notification and did not respond the live comment, the youtube kept the recommendation for almost 6 hours and more.

Coincidence? But Same pattern in 4 videos? I can’t judge, I’ll let you decide on that, but next time when my shorts goes viral and I receive any notification, I’ll not login to any of youtube dashboard for hours for sure.


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