MATH EXPLAINED: will shiba inu coin reach 1 cent | If & how can shiba inu coin hit 1 cent

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This blog post is something different a little bit of math and lots of hypothetical calculation about if and how shiba inu token coin reach to the 1 cent

MATH EXPLAINED: will shiba inu coin reach 1 cent | If and how can shiba inu coin hit 1 cent

if you are not interested in math, i am not sure if you are really going to like this but if you are shiba holder or if you are planning to buy on the shiba inu token coin, i am sure you would like to know: how the shiba inu coin probably going to hit the one cent. I have a four different scenarios; and i would like to present you with a little bit of my math. So let’s get it started. Before that i have a request if you can please do me a favor i have video in this post, please go to my youtube channel and subscribe to the channel and hit that like button for this youtube algorithm sake, this would certainly help me a lot so now without further ado let’s head to the math how shiba inu can reach to a one cent.

how shiba inu can reach 1 cent

How shiba inu can reach 1 cent in math

So, simple rule of Shiba Inu reaching our one cent is: that three different scenario so increasing in the shiba inu price will increase the market cap for the shiba inu. The other scenario is going down on the total supply. So, based on these two different kind of aspects i’m going to present four different kind of scenarios. It’s hard to say when will Shiba inu will reach 1 cent but we will find out how can shiba you can reach 1 cent if it will ever reach $0.001 cent.

Current context: overview

Right now (at the time of this video and post i.e. Jun 9, 2021) we have this data from Shiba inu:

  • Shiba Inu price today: $0.000007168
  • Shiba Inu current market cap: $2829711505
  • Total supply : 394796000000000 shib
  • Date data taken on: Jun 9, 2021

We have a shiba inu this is the market caps and total supply, which give us the current price based on this market cap divided by total supply. So, this is the current situation right now : current shiba inu price = market cap divided / total supply. which is zero point five zeros and seven one six eight if you remove the last few digits it’s the same so let’s start with the base this is the base price i’m going to rely on if the data changes the time when you are reading this post or watching the video you should update the similar data based on the market value.

First scenario : with same number of coins supply

So, with that let’s find out with the current situation without decreasing the total supply of the shiba inu token coin if shiba inu token coin has to reach the 1 cent the market cap of the shiba inu has to increase by 1400 times. If shiba inu coin has to reach one cent based on the current market supply, it has to raise almost 4 trillion of the market cap value. Current market of bitcoin is 613 billion, so it has to go more than six times then the current bitcoin value is. So this is just a calculation based on the information we have around and this is kind of hypothetically it is almost impossible i would say but maybe i’m wrong let’s see we don’t know about cryptocurrency.

Second scenario: burning shina inu coin

Scenario number two, coin burning by the way there is no such a things written in this shiba inu by far they are going to burn the coin. In some sense maybe they will never but the market trend and strategy changes depend on the the market. So, i would say let’s assume they will be burning some coin in a day to come if shiba inu have to burn the coin to reach 0.01. Let’s assume they have the same market cap as a right now so if shiba inu burn down the 99 percent of their current supply the the total supply will come down to almost 4 trillion and the current uh the then the price impact would go at least to $0.0007 which is not even close to the one cent this is like $0.001 one let’s assume the coin burning is not going to help shiba inu price.

Third scenario: realistically how high can shiba inu coin reach

In this scenario, i’m thinking about when shiba inu launch their shibaswap, they will have something about transition going on and the coin will be burning about. So, they must have come up with some idea about; how to burn the coin. And swap is the one of the best things to burn the coin while doing this transaction and receiving the benefit about so actually no one is really going to lose. But the transaction or everything happened on the decentralized zone can be burn so this could be a easy solution for the shiba inu to implement as well. if shibaswap and shiba inu team decide to burn 66.66 percent of shiba inu token coin they will have a 131 trillion approximately token coin as a new supply. If you see the current market cap of the dogecoin, if in a hypothetical way if and when shiba inu team and the shibaswap decided to burn the coin and when the market is really popular we expect as a regular way that market cap will be increased but in this hypothetical scenario i am putting the market cap to increase four times of the current dogecoin. Which is in some sense i would say maybe it’s a possible it’s not a big ask! So this is like a balance of the burning the more than half of the coin and the same time the market cap is increasing because this lead to the increase in the price when the total supply is down. The price is increases so this is why the also there is a chances that market cap will be increased also so this is my hypothetical uh thinking and if this one lead to the then we’ll have a $0.001. this is how high shiba inu coin can reach and what shiba inu reach. Shiba inu value so by far this is i think is the best possible scenario that we are talking about zero point zero zero one shiba inu. I am not sure how long it will take shiba coin to reach this value because all these are depend on the shiba token team to decide when and how they will burn this coin and what are the other things they will take into consideration while leading into the market.

Fourth scenario: out of the box – Shiba inu to 1 cent

So, let’s talk about something different now: this is the most fun part there are thousands of videos on the internet or youtube these days. Everyone is talking about oh shiba inu going to the one cent shiba inu to one dollar and all these things. I don’t know what should i call them, if they have ever looked about this how many current supply of shiba inu we have and what exactly the effort will take to raise this shiba inu token coin to one cent. I am a shib holder, so of course i would also want the market cap or shiba inu to reach to the one cent but while making the video we also have to think about the the fact and putting put them into the account. So, this is why i’m i titled this one about let’s think out of the box. shiba inu to 1 cent so please don’t judge me for writing this one. This is a very very hypothetical thought. So, if a new token coin has to reach 0.01 cents then we have to think out of the box.

Let’s show it: So i come up with the best possible way that shiba token team has to burn at least of 89 percent of their current total supply because they are literally a too many token coin of the shiba inu so this is a value of the total supply the total supplies this is the total supply of the current value and if we burned 89 of the total supply we will have approximately we’ll have a 43 billions of shiba inu token coin on the total supply if we burn down the 89 percent of token by either using the shibaswap or the team decide to burn in a different way so burning is there is not even an option right now but for just for the video sake i’m thinking about how and when which scenario can shiba inu can reach to the 0.01 cent. So, the first option is to burning the 89 persons of the token coin and if shiba inu has to reach the 0.01 cent take into account it has to increase 11 times more than the current dogecoin market cap so we take into consideration this is the market cap and we have the total supply which give us the shiba inu price to 0.01 cent.

i am not sure if this is going to be happening because if shiba inu reach to 1 cent shiba inu will be almost five and a half times bigger than the current bitcoin is in terms of market cap. This is a huge and almost like a impossible. I would i don’t know uh impossible is difficult word to say this is a something out of the box. This is why i say out of the box in the title. so i’m going to add this excel sheet if you need it uh please write in the comment section below i can give you the link of this excel sheets or i can put into the drive also so if you want to use it for the fun only please please do like the video subscribe to the channel and share this video if you want. I may be wrong in some sort of mat, if it is then please write down in the comment section below. i don’t want to put the when should shiba inu will reach 0.01 cents because we don’t have any particular day of when they are going to burn the coin and how many they will be so these are the scenario i can come up with the current available data so that’s all in this video until then take care and see you


  1. Cryptofuture86

    When was this written I don’t see a date. Also, .001 is pretty high if you consider a whale to have anything more than 1B coins which is only around 8k USD right now. If you looked at the April May pattern with DOGE and SHIB all Doge gains on its .42 pump were sold to pump SHIB.. It is an interesting pattern I feel shouldn’t be overlooked the next time these two coins get going again..

    • Keshab

      Very well catch Cryptofuture86, I just added the initial data on the post. Yes, you have a very valid point there, should take into account the pattern between these two meme coins.

  2. Dale

    I buy coins. I buy. I make the money and buy all the women to empty my nuts.


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