Website not indexing in Bing, how to resolve it?

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Bing is one of the unique search engines, backup by state-of-the-art computer company Microsoft. The second leading search engine is in partnership with 90s ladder Yahoo! and other search engines for search results. So, getting indexing your small business/blog/website in Bing search engine is encapsulating your hard work in one stop.

As a Blogger, I like to my reader to reach from every end. Users normally think ranking in Google is enough. Although, I have very different thought, traffic from Bing is very unique. In my other project, the organic users from Bing search engines are mostly from the USA and Canada.

After completing the blog setup, I submitted CoolStuffBlog for indexing in Bing and Google. Google did start the crawling and CoolStuffBlog is started ranking in Google after few days. But, It was almost 6 months the blog was not crawled or indexed in Bing. This brings me to do some research. What really is causing my site to index in Bing? I am violating any search terms? Are my blog content are not good enough to indexing in leading search engines? Is my site blacklisted in Bing?

With thousand of the question in mind, I decided to figure it out the truth. The Bing Webmaster Tools has no such stuff to decide if you are blacklisted for a particular reason. After lots of forum research, reading the text, blogs, and anything but related to Bing indexing issue. None of them are really fascinating to my current needs. Then, I decided to write to Bing Webmaster support.

How to submit the reconsideration request to Bing?

Telling you the truth, Bing has really awesome people in support. Of course, it is a huge company and you can expect 24 hours to 48 hrs time frame for your response but they will come up with great result.

My Frist email to Bing Webmaster support regarding indexing issue didn’t really carry many results, but she indicates that Bing is blacklisted/spam/junk my blog for some unknown reason. This response gives me the way to measure where my blog stands in terms of quality and other Webmaster guidelines.

I spent few days to read every single text, (it won’t take an hour if you only read it) and checked the content of my site in the aspect of the guidelines. I made every single step and their result in a list. Literally, there was nothing found that Bing should not consider indexing my blog. After the guidelines review, I have replied the same email to the support including my summary result from Bing guidelines.

Website not indexing in Bing, email to Bing support

Bing guidelines are not just guidelines but they are really helpful for every blogger to become unique and success. Mostly guidelines point toward the;

  • Content – the quality of your content,
  • Links – outbound and inbound, this is really important to have quality site point toward your site, which I assume bing consider as high ranking factor)
  • Social media – as we all know the power of social media, which affect the leading search giant as well.

Apart from these helpful tips;

  • The technical aspect of the website/blogs also Bing take into considering for ranking into Bing.
  • Page load time, Robots.txt, Site technology, Canonical tags, Basic SEO tips such: title, meta description, alt image tags, internal links, XML sitemap, navigation structure, rich media cautions, graceful degradation, URL structure alias in search engine readable, clean URL, content hierarchy, English content. On page (head, body and all other HTML attributes)
  • The most important part of the story is THINGS TO AVOID if you want to index your blog/site in Bing,
  • Don’t use cloaking, Say NO to Link Buying, Selling or Link Spamming, Don’t urge users to force share or stuff like that and duplicate content and keywords stuffing, this will do NOT please any search engines. So be alert.

After detailed email, I have received the following email:

I reviewed your query and I have put another review with my team to see if this is a false block. I will update you once I hear back from them.

I have nothing but to continues my blog writing and waiting for the Bing support to response. After 24 hours, I have received the email saying the Bing team has decided to lift the block. It will take 2 to 3 week for my blog to indexing in Bing.

Bing support response regarding the blog not indexing issue

The result started in Bing Webmaster tool after a week, Bing started crawling the blog and I have 2 pages indexed in Bing and Yahoo by the time of this post.

Website Blog indexing in Bing after reconsideration

Conclusion: Bing Webmaster support staffs are awesome! There could be few reasons why my blog was blocked/spam/junk in Bing:

  • My blog contains the popular word, Cool Stuff Blog, all three words are look alike popular search terms, which may be lead Bing to list my site under spam/junk list.
  • I registered this website almost 5 months ago (see the stats), perhaps the blog was in Bing junk/spam list from the previous owners.
  • Nevertheless, the blog has lifted from blacklist/spam/junk, I hope Bing will bring some traffic to my blog in a day to come.

For the blogger: if you are doing the RIGHT things and you think you been penalized for no reason try to justify yourself. It is always good to request for the consideration. The most important part is you should always follow the RIGHT path. The result will come positive soon or later.

Thank you 🙂

Update: 27th of Feb 2017

Since the last blog post, I was following the Google Vs Bing / Yahoo organic search on a couple of my other websites. I found the very interesting result.

google Vs bing yahoo traffic comparison

google Vs bing yahoo organic traffic comparison

If you see the image above (taken from Google analytic) you can clearly understand that the important of getting indexing or ranking in Bing search. Recently, Google started to throwing out the link clicked from Google search in the same category as a direct visit, but that could be only 1 to 3 % based on types of website. Apart from this, Bing + Bing-powered Yahoo search is leading the total % from organic search. (15% vs 19%) The impressive part is Bing/Yahoo has 75% of these traffic from US and Canada and I am loving it 🙂


  1. Akshat

    Bing is notorious for de-indexing quality sites and putting them under spam list. However, their support staff is very responsive.

  2. Impersonal Finances

    I’m in this boat right now! Have a thread going with someone who has been very helpful at Bing, but haven’t heard back recently. Certainly a frustrating problem to have!

  3. Kishan

    I have the same issue. Bing has blocked my site from being indexed on Bing. I mailed them and they reply me that your site is on the spam list. After that, I have scanned my website and nothing found anything wrong. I reply again to them.

    Why my website is on the spam list.

    • Keshab

      I would suggest you to remove them from the SPAM list or ask them what exactly is causing your site to the SPAM list, so that you can correct them. In my case the previous owner used the domain for SPAM purpose, so it was held back on SPAM. I suggest you should ask them to release from the SPAM list or ask the reason.


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