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Having blog setup and writing a good content is sometimes not just enough. Your blog or small business reliability is the key concern. Particularly, when your small business or blog is unstable, you will lose the trust from users and search engines. Think about you have an appropriate offer or an article to post for 14th February and you server went offline before you can post the content. Or in worse case scenario your server went offline after you post your offer. There are many things we can discuss in this topic but let’s go directly to business.

Which web server best suited for me?

As a newbie you probably have a question, what kind of server do I need? Should I go for shared hosting or virtual private server or dedicated server? This is kind of tricky, it’s yet hard to say which one you should go, but I can imagine if you are a newbie! There are two scenarios, first thing to consider budget, second; users to your site, which determine the requirement.

Why Bluehost?

Bluehost is a hosting service provider founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Utah in west United State. It is the current most probably best start-up hosting provider for blogger and small business. Because of server uptime, server response time and support system. The cost of the very hosting is affordable. Bluehost shared hosting special offer 2016

To be honest, Ii signed up to Bluehost shared hosting for the first time because of the price. Yes, it is very affordable and it does not mean the service will be less comparable. I was very surprised!

The BEST side of BlueHost

WordPress oriented support:

Bluehost is optimized hosting service provider for WordPress content management system. For instance, if you run a WordPress blog and you have the Bluehost as hosting provider, they have an expert to look into your case, in case if you need any kind of support.

Although you can manage other website as frequently as WordPress through Bluehost do have additional for WordPress blog

Your can completely manage your WordPress from BlueHost control panel. After successful login to Bluehost control panel. Click on the WordPress tool from the top menu and then you can have a left sidebar menu with many useful options. Managing your theme and plugins using hosting provider control panel is something additional which excite me.

The automatic service for backing up your WordPress site or blog

What I like more about the other features on the Bluehost control panel, the WordPress backup system. You can see the recent backup and can restore it without any hassle. Your recent backup will be listed on backup tabs.

Currently, Bluehost empowers more than 2 million websites. I personally used Bluehost a long time ago and I didn’t have any complaint. I still have many of my clients in Bluehost and no complain and performance is amazing. Bluehost do have an affiliate program where you can generate revenue from your website or blog. I will write a post on this topic in a day to come. negative consequences

To be honest, I have experienced the only slowness in site performance in almost more than year-long periods. You can see the current statistic of Bluehost with recent months, up-time percentage and response time.

The only thing I would like Bluehost to change in a forthcoming day is; make payment quarterly or at least for 6 months. Currently, when new user signup to Bluehost, they have to pay for minimum 1 year and can get an offer if they pay for more than 1 year. Well, other than that I didn’t really find any issue on Bluehost, please do share your experience in a comment below so acknowledge other users who possibly moving to Bluehost.

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