How to install WhatsApp Messenger in Nokia related Java Phones – WhatsApp for Nokia

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Are you having an issue of installing WhatsApp Messenger in your Java related (Nokia) phones? This post is related to the people who are looking to install the WhatsApp in their native phones. I have tested this method in few of Java (Nokia) phones and it works perfectly.

Please Note:

This will fix all your desire to using WhatsApp Messenger in your modern yet WhatsApp uninstalled Java, Nokia, and similar operating system phones.

These steps are very simple, but you have to take into account very carefully while doing so.

Important information before installing WhatsApps Messenger in your Nokia or Java Phones:

All these steps have to do from my Laptop or Desktop where you can plug in your phone and copy the download to your phone. Please, Do NOT download this file from your phone, it will not work. There are only two files, you need to download WhatsApp_Messenger.jar weight of total file size 1.65 MB and WhatsApp_Messenger.jad weight of total file size 5.16KB

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What do you need?

You need working phone and data cable to connect your phone to your desktop or laptop.

What are the steps to transfer WhatsApp application to your Java (Nokia) Phones?

Please follow these steps carefully, as mentioned above I assume you are downloading the file from your desktop or laptop.


  • Steps 1: Download WhatsApp_Messenger.jar file from here.

The file is hosted in MediaFire, so you can except some ads here is there but you should focus on your task, simply click the green button. See the image below.

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  • Step 2: Download WhatsApp_Messenger.jad to your same folder on your desktop or laptop. Follow the same step 1 process for downloading the file from here.

Note: Please, extract these .zip files and copy and WhatsApp_Messenger.jad and WhatsApp_Messenger.jar to a new folder.

Now, both of your files are located on your desktop. The next process we do it copying these file to your phone.

  • Step 3: Connect your mobile phone to your PC and move your file. Please Note, Both of your files most have to place in the same folder.


Where should you place these files on your mobile phone?

This could be very based on your phone or card. I have tried and tested using a memory card and it works fine. Please make sure, you have enough available space for the files.


  • Step 4: Restart your phone

Please restart your phone after step 3 completed. Please navigate toward your WhatsApp_Messenger.jad or WhatsApp_Messenger.jar (memory card or your phone storage), click the WhatsApp icon. The rest will finish shortly.


You are done and ready to use WhatsApp messenger in your Java or Nokia phone.

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These are purely tested steps for installing WhatsApps on Nokia and Java Phones in author’s available phone. However, this could be very in different models of phones. While installing WhatsApps Messenger, please try installing these in the different location of your phone, restart and navigates toward file and install.

Do comment below if you encounter any issue. Good luck.


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