Vitaly Popov ( is killing my Google Analytic statistics, Please help!!

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I was glad thinking my new blog is growing well. The Google analytic dashboard was showing the significant percentage of incensement in my total traffic. I was not expecting anything conversing this early but just to watch and take pleasure, I decided to go insight of the traffic I receive from Google Analytic, which eventually make me sad. I am getting some BOTS traffic from website or (ɢ, see that small latin later ɢ, it’s nog Google but it is after decode)

The website seems to be fighting with Google for some reason (that not my business and I am not interested in that) my only concern is but why is targeting for small business/website like

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I know I can use Google analytic filter to delisting that statistic on the analytic dashboard but that does not stop him from sending bots traffic to my website. The strange part if he is using referral to point the website. Honestly, I spent few hours to see if actually pointed my blog for some reason, then figured it out they also are pretentious from this bot traffic.

I have a couple of question, if you are familiar with this, would love to hear your feedback in comment session below.

  1. Since I have no control over referral traffic and he can easily chance the target URL, I don’t think using the referral or .htaccess blog is irrelevant! Do you suggest me any alternative?
  2. Does this bot traffic use my server resources?
  3. Does this unnatural traffic to my blog have any impact on Google Bing/yahoo or any other organic ranking?
  4. What could be the best solution?
google analytics referral spammer bounce rate

Google analytics referral spammer bounce rate

The website is sending the referral from Russia 0% bounce rate. For the website like CoolStuffBlog, which is growing, have little traffic and very limited Webhost resources lead me to think about the preventing before it is too late. I highly appreciate your feedback.


The same spammer now started the Google Analytic referral from domain for Petition to ban google “Petition to Ban Google’s Blatant Suppression of Free Speech” using whitehouse domain with following URL, and

It has the same referral and same bounce rate, this time it is using some US government website as referral. Strange!!


  1. Arsalan

    Yes i have face this spam traffic issue in my google analytics.

    • Keshab

      Thanks for sharing your issue Arsalan!

      As for I understand, we should never go to these kinds of referral sites…

      I wonder why Google Analytic team is not doing anything!! they should wipe the statistics from these kinds of SPAMMER.


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